Akemi – Asian Soul Kitchen

Akemi – Asian Soul Kitchen


Rykestrasse is one of my favourite streets in Prenzlauer Berg. It begins at the beautiful water tower at Knaackstrasse and ends at the busy Danziger Strasse. You can find tons of different cafés, bars and most of all great restaurants down the street and there is one that has become one of my favourite places for Asian tapas. Not only does the interior look like a fancy catalogue in real life, the food is really delicious and I never was disappointed by the taste or quality.

Akemi is run by Fen – who is Chinese – and her husband Anh Tuan – who is Vietnamese – and they focus on Asian tapas in a great variety. Crispy grilled pork belly, Thai seafood salad, homemade spring rolls, salmon avocado tartar – the list goes on and on. Recently they updated their tapas menu and I went their to see what new items they have added.



Usually I belong to those people who are quite sceptical towards restaurants that has too many different cuisines at the same time on the menu. You’ll find Chinese-inspired tapas like Char Siu BBQ pork ribs, Cantonese grilled duck or eggplant stir fried with garlic and hoisin sauce. And there are also some classic Vietnamese bits and bobs like La Lot beef, spring rolls or glass noodle salad with tofu and lime-chilli-vinaigrette. Fen and Anh Tuan really put the best of both worlds together. They created their own understanding of Asian Soul Food without getting too crazy and they stayed true to their home countries’ cuisine.



Akemi is one of my favourite places because the food is intended to be shared. It’s fun to discover all the different bites with your coolest gang and share each others experiences over a huge spread of different Asian tapas. Fen made sure that everyone will find something on the menu, so most of the meat can be replaced with tofu and there are tons of veggie/ vegan alternatives you can choose from.




Where: Akemi Asian Fusion KitchenRykestrasse 39, 10405 Berlin




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