Ataya Caffe Vegan Brunch

Ataya Caffe Vegan Brunch

Outside the Berlin circular railway in Prenzlauer Berg, there are still lots of great food places to discover. Ataya Caffe is one of the pleasant surprises you’ll encounter on a random day, that will make your day a good one. It’s run by Elisabetta, who is Italian and her husband Bachir, who is from Africa. I’ve never had food influenced by an interesting mix between Sardinia and Senegal and let me tell you, there is much to discover.

Every Sunday you’ll find yourself in the middle of various tasty Afro-Italian bits and bobs. The vegan Sunday brunch was by far, if not even the best vegan brunch I’ve had in Berlin. The taste is just the right balance between pleasing and not too intrusive, just like the cozy atmosphere at the café. I was ready to dig in and bath everything in this amazing Maafe peanut stew with soft potatoes.



One of my favourite dish was surprisingly the Indian papdum Elisabetta prepared. If you have also gave up on finding decent Indian food in Berlin, that papadum does give you hope again. Even though it’s buffet style, everything is freshly prepared with great quality and organic ingredients. Meeting Elisabetta and Bachir there is no doubt those two have created this café out of passion for food.



My favourite part of the café beside the food has to be the name. Ataya is the name of a Senegalese tea ceremony that brings people together. It’s an important part of daily life and tea is offered to friends and visitors to have a conversation and build connections. Just like the custom of Ataya, Elisabetta and Bachir have come together to create a lovely fusion of Mediterranean and African cuisine to let people enjoy great food in fine company.



Where: Zelterstrasse 6, 10439 Berlin





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