Be Coffee My Friend

Be Coffee My Friend

50 shades of grey should have been filmed during Winter season in Berlin, because that’s exactly how it looks like. Saturday afternoon, we dared to leave our warm and cozy apartment to find out about this new place at Yorckstrasse. Not only did we drank a huge bowl of comforting turmeric latte – or as pop culture language would describe: golden milk – the food was bomb too. Be coffee my friend is not only a café that offers warm drinks and healthy smoothies, you can also find some Sonnenallee-classics. Let me show you.

FATTA: stack of freshly toasted flatbread, topped by strained yogurt, steamed chickpeas, olive oil, cumin and roasted pine nuts.


FOUL: cooked fava beans, chickpeas, served with cumin, and optionally with chopped parsley, garlic, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, pepper, herb and spice ingredients.


SHAKSHOUKA: poached eggs in tomato sauce with onions, chili peppers, cumin and garlic.

You get freshly baked flatbread to soak up all the oils and juices that come along with every single dish. Don’t forget to add the olives and pickled veggies to your bite, the combination of salty and sour goes perfectly with the smoothness and creamy textures.

Not only did we enjoy the food, the seating made it extra special. When you’re lucky, you might be able to grab one of the free indoor swings that makes you stay even longer. We truly enjoyed this lovely place, though it’s not located in a super busy and popular area. Maybe that’s exactly what makes this café to snug.



Where: Be coffee my friend, Yorckstrasse 60,  10965 Berlin




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  • Happy you liked our cafe and our food. We are so excited and honored to deserve this amazing post of yours. Thanks a lot ❤

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