Berlin Burger Guide #1

Berlin Burger Guide #1

1. Berlin Burger International

BBI is just pure perfection. Everything is excellent, the bun, the medium rare meat, the sauce and veggies – the whole burger is made with love for the detail. The tasty sweet potato fries are soft and crispy; next time I’m going to get the chilli cheese fries, they looked epic. The place is super small and always packed, but if you bring some patience and don’t mind to sit on benches outside; it’s so worth it!



2. Bun Bao

If you’re looking for something more special than the average burger, Bun Bao is just the right place! They call themselves Asian burgers because of the bao bread instead of a typical burger bun, which is basically steamed dough and super popular in the Asian cuisine.  Most of the burgers have aromatic ingredients like lemongrass, cilantro, basil or roasted peanuts, incredible combination with the meat and the special bread-like buns!



3. Tommi’s Burger Joint

If you like American style burgers, this place has some seriously good ones. The menu is simple and you can mix & match with toppings if you wish. I had the best sweet potato fries at Tommi’s Burger Joint , salty on the outside, sweet and chewy on the inside and also crunchy over all!



4. Chilees

Chilees is a Korean burger eatery, that’s pretty new in town. Their menu offers some pretty amazing ramen burgers and bulgogi burgers, which will totally give you a new burger experience and taste explosion in your mouth. Accompanied by some kimchi fries, I promise it’s going to be a perfect meal!


I finally got my hands on some meat patty sandwiched between two fried ramen noodle buns a.k.a. the ramen burger! The juices from the meat soaked into the ramen, combined with the shoyu flavor, the sauce between the meat and the noodles, omg it does live up to the hype! It's just fun to eat and kind of a different burger experience! I got my from the new opened Korean burger place called Chilees in Prenzlauer Berg accompanied by the inspiring @thechickwhoeats #berlinfood #berlinfoodie #eatinginberlin ##ramenburger #ramen #burger #burgerlove #burgerporn #chilees #newopening #korean #koreanfood #koreanburger #funfood #firsttime #japanese #fusion #foodie #foodporn #foodlover #foodieberlin #foodblogger #eatwell #happybelly #visitberlin #berlinfoodguide #wheninberlin #EATMUNCHIES

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5. Shiso Burger

Salmon or tuna filet in a burger? Sounds pretty awesome, right? The burgers are quite small, compared to most other places, but they are packed with tasty ingredients. Everything is super fresh and served in cute bamboo steamers, don’t forget the twisted
potato fries!



6. Room 77

This place has a lot of burger options and if you’re a huge fan of guacamole or peanut butter like me, that’s definitely the right burger spot to go! Every burger is loaded with loads of toppings and super huge, be sure to bring an empty stomach to dig in!

7. Burgeramt

Big variety of options, great chilli cheese fries, the meat is always nice medium rare, the sauces are excellent and the buns are pleasantly covered in sesame seeds. Pretty awesome burger place with some decent hip hop vibe.



8. The Bird

It’s always packed with people and a very special place in Berlin, though they don’t have the best burger in town. The bread is an English muffin, which is somehow different than the usual burger bun, the meat is freshly grinded and the menu is offered with some hand cut fries. Go for yourself and see whether you like the concept or not.


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