Berlin Chinese Restaurant Guide #1

Berlin Chinese Restaurant Guide #1

1. Asia Deli

Anyone that has talked with me about Chinese food in Berlin has heard me gushing over that place. For everyone who has heard about Asia Deli and how great the food tastes, I’m just nodding my head. It’s a typical “ghetto but delicious” place with even fried fish sticks advertised outside the restaurant, but believe me, if you go in and sit down, it will be different. Have a little patience with the service, since the people don’t speak German properly, depends on who is just working at that moment. They will bring you a red menu and if you’re new or just overwhelmed by the choice, I would recommend these dishes for the beginning:

  • Eggplant with minced meat (not the one in the pot and you can have it also without the minced meat)
  • Beef or lamb with cumin
  • Wonton soup
  • Eggs with tomatoes
  • Cucumber salad


Where: Seestrasse 41, 13353 Berlin

2. Selig

Restaurant Selig is one of the rare places in Berlin that served freshly cooked hand pulled Chinese noodles called La Mian. La Mian is a type of Chinese noodles created by twisting, stretching and folding the dough in certain ways. Using the weight of the dough, it is pulled and stretched into long noodle in different varieties of thickness. The preparation styles of the noodles are different from region to region, this restaurant serves Lanzhou style hand pulled Chinese noodles. Typically it is served in a bowl with soup and beef or ribs, but it is also common to stir fry La Mian. The beef noodle soups at Selig are delicious, especially the one with Chinese style spare ribs and the noodles are perfectly chewy. Another aromatic meal you have to try is the eggplant with chicken served in a sizzling iron skillet, amazing taste and the sauce is great to dip in some extra noodles.



Where: Kantstraße 51, 10625 Berlin

3. Shaniu’s House of Noodles

My second favourite place for hand pulled noodles is Shaniu’s House of Noodles, not only because of the food, also because of the name, which translated actually means “dumb girl’s noodle house”. Although they offer good noodles, I tend to eat my hand pulled noodles at Selig and order other delicious dishes here. Especially the starters were great and they definitely has some special dishes to offer that you won’t get so often. Try some gluten cakes with wood ear and shiitake mushrooms, it’s super flavourful. Then get some spicy pork belly and some braised beef and your meal is more than complete and satisfying! I’d also recommend the noodles and see for yourself whether you like it more here or at Selig.

Where: Pariser Str. 58, 10719 Berlin

4. Da Jia Le

The first time at Da Jia Le even I was overwhelmed by their huge menu and there was just so many choices to look at. Da Jia Le is a place where you can bring your friends and I’m pretty sure that anyone will find something that sounds appealing. Some of my favourite dishes are the cucumber salad with meat with hot and sour sauce, the seaweed salad in garlic and vinegar sauce and the tofu leaf salad in sweet sour hot marinade. That steamy Sichuan style tofu stir up was really spicy, if you want to challenge your limits of spiciness and make sure to share everything, since the portions are pretty generous.

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Where: Goebenstraße 23, 10783 Berlin


5. Lon Men’s Noodle House

This place is well known for its delicious Taiwanese style soup and you’ll know why when you’ve finally been there. It’s not the most memorable noodle soup I’ve had, but still one of the best, since it’s a pretty decent bowl of Chinese noodle soup that has everything in it and it is well-balanced. My favourite is the beef noodle soup and do me a favor and order the chilli wontons, they are off-hook! Usually the place is packed, so be ready to wait a bit for a seat, especially when you are more than two people.

Where: Kantstraße 33, 10625 Berlin

6. Good Friends

Just at a stone’s throw located from Lon Men is Good Friends, another neat Chinese restaurant in Berlin. Good Friends offers Cantonese style food, which is super different from traditional Chinese cuisine. You’ll find more choices with seafood, fish, mussels, shrimps and Chinese grill, which some may find odd, seeing ducks and other meat hanging in the display window. The same goes with this place, bring some friends so you can try as many things as possible and I promise everyone will find something delicious, even when you’re not that an adventurous eater and order some good old fried rice.

Where: Kantstraße 30, 10623 Berlin


7. Wok Show

Wok Show is my go-to place for decent Chinese dumplings. They are delicious and almost like in China, especially during the time celebrating Chinese New Year. To be honest I’ve never had something else than dumplings at Wok Show, so I can’t really say anything about the rest of the food. The dumplings come in sizes of 20 to 40 pieces and you can have them either cooked or fried in a pan. Personally I always like them better cooked, I suggest to try both. 20 pieces are a huge portion and you’ll be fully satisfied after visiting Wok Show.

Where: Greifenhagener Str. 31, 10437 Berlin


8. Do De Li

The one thing that made a lasting impression at Do De Li was the huge pot of noodle soup. It feels like they bring you a tub full of aromatic broth and you can choose different ingredients you want to add: seafood, meat and of course vegetables. That is just the right food for the coming season when it get’s cold, wet and windy outside. A comforting warming Chinese soup is filling and it keeps you warm from the inside. That is also an important reason why noodle soups are so popular in China and you see people eating it everywhere. When you’re lucky, the son of the owner, little Felix, is also there and performs some signature classic music by Mozart or Beethoven on the piano.

Where: Kantstraße 120, 10625 Berlin


9. Aroma

Aroma is the best place in Berlin for getting the most authentic Cantonese dim sums. It’s pretty close to what you would get in a typical Hong Kong food stall and they have much more choice than other Chinese restaurants in Berlin. Dim sums are small bite-sized portions and usually served with tea. Traditionally it was only served until the afternoon, but it is now more common to have it through the whole day. At Aroma you can get some of the most typical dim sums like cha siu bao, dumplings or rice noodle rolls, which are a must to try. Additional to that, you’ll find some steamed buns, fried bites and dessert-like buns on the menu, which I would all highly recommend. I’m a huge dim sum, there is rarely no dim sum I don’t like and anytime is a good time for having dim sum.

Where: Kantstraße 35, 10625 Berlin


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