Berlin’s Best Wiener Schnitzel

Berlin’s Best Wiener Schnitzel


It was a rainy and cold evening, but I was way too excited to care. The idea of going on a Wiener Schnitzel Tour has been in consideration since the beginning of all #goodfoodtours and finally it has become reality. The plan is to choose four out of Berlin’s best locations for the original Wiener Schnitzel and dedicate ourselves to probably THE most well-known Austrian dish in the world. Hosted by the charming Per from Berlin Food Stories and the premium food delivery service Foodora, the evening promised to be very amazing.

Spending most of my life so far in Vienna, I was quite sceptic on what Berlin’s Austrian food scene has to offer and especially Wiener Schnitzel isn’t the easiest dish to cook. The meat has to be veal (otherwise you’re not aloud to call it Wiener Schnitzel) and prepared in a butterfly-cut, then tapped very thin. The bread crumbs has to be crispy but fluffy on the same time, so it doesn’t get soggy and sticks to the meat. The Wiener Schnitzel should be fried in clarified butter (not a must) until it’s golden brown and traditionally it’s served with potato or cucumber salad.

Before we start, I want to briefly state that all the four locations were great and the rating is really based on very sensitive criteria. Enough of the intro, let’s start!



Gasthause Alt Wien had the best and outstanding potato salad. For me it had the perfect temperature, the right dressing, a great consistency and the best taste. Personally I find the bread-coating a bit too hard and dry, but the meat was very well seasoned and thin as it should be. I’ll come back again, since the meat and the potato salad were very enjoyable, maybe I’m more lucky about the bread crumbs next time.

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Alpenstück is quite a fancy place, the location seems very clean and polished, the waiters and the table setting look more high-end than the previous location. We ordered the Wiener Schnitzel kids menu (because we still had two more locations ahead of us and everything was so yummy, you just can’t stop eating) and it again was served with potato salad. Before our plates arrived, we already could smell the wonderful buttery aroma of the Wiener Schnitzel coating! Oh my, the fragrant scent was so overwhelmingly delicious and I couldn’t wait to take my first bite.

Alpenstück was the only location of the evening that used clarified butter to fry the meat, which made them very much memorable for me. Judging from the smell, it had so much potential to be the winner of the evening, but the consistency of the meat just wasn’t convincing. The Schnitzel lacked on thinness and for me I was definitely too chewy and stringy. Too bad, because I know the quality of the meat is superb and all ingredients are well-chosen. Next time I’m going back to the normal size portions, maybe they are beat more finely than the kid’s Wiener Schnitzel.




It was really a close contest between Schneeweiß and the winner of the Wiener Schnitzel ranking. The dish was nearly perfect, crispy and juicy, the meat was thin and well-seasoned and the potato salad was tasty too. There is just a tiny little detail that put Schneeweiß on the second place and that’s because I thought it was slightly over-fried. The Schnitzel tasted almost too much like frying oil and it overlapped the unique tender taste of the veal. But as I said before, the scoring of the four locations is distinguished by very sensitiv criteria and every place serves very decent authentic Wiener Schnitzel.



Tadaaaa, the award of the best Wiener Schnitzel of the evening goes to Jolesch! I would recommend this location for the food AND for the coziness. The Wiener Schnitzel is perfect from the first to the last bite, the potato salad is an aligned companion and the pleasant establishment invites to stay for another glass of wine. There is not a thing wrong with the Wiener Schnitzel here and as half Austrian I can tell you with all my experience that your hunt for the perfect Wiener Schnitzel can end here.

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