Bourbon Dogs

Bourbon Dogs


Isn’t it funny that most of the people think of Ikea when someone drops a hot dog in a conversation? To be fair, this Wiener sausage thing needs a little level up to gain some more recognition. Max Paarlberg is the founder of Bourbon Dogs, who took on the mission to enhance the world of hot dogs in Berlin. During his travels to America, he collected much inspiration from New York and back in Berlin, he created some unique versions of the classic dog.

There are now six hot dogs on the menu, my favourite one is the Bourbon Dog. The coleslaw, rye barbecue sauce and crispy onions make a perfect combination of flavour and texture with the savory sausage and the slightly sweet bun. My second favourite one is the Dirty Sanchez, a Mexican inspired hot dog with fresh avocado, fruity pico de gallo and creamy chipotle sour cream. All hot dogs are pretty big and filling, eating two was almost the max I could manage. And don’t forget the fresh crunchy pickles! They are so good that you can even get them separately as a side dish.


Since its opening in Summer 2015, Bourbon Dogs has been one of my favourite new places to grab a juicy hot dog with original toppings and get a drink. The location is more bar-like and the seats are very comfortable. Max not only come up with the idea of great hot dogs, he also put more spotlight on bourbon and craft beer, which is a perfect match to the food.

Behind the bar, you can find an impressive selection of different bourbons and I’m sure that Max is happy to introduce you to the wonderful world of aromatic spirits. I really like the chilled and easy-going vibe that goes along with this location. It’s a very inviting place, either for some fresh tasty hot dogs or a sip of high quality bourbon.




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