Cecconi’s Berlin

Cecconi’s Berlin



Cecconi’s is a new Italian restaurant in the main floor of the Soho House in Berlin and its origin lays in Venice. You can choose between handmade pasta, seafood, pizza and some amazing North Italian dishes with fresh ingredients. There are several flagship stores all over the world and this one in Berlin is the first one in Germany. The restaurant has an open kitchen, wood oven for the pizza, marble floor and red leather seats.




Think of Italian cuisine and I bet you come up with pizza, pasta and tiramisu. All fine with me, but let me tell you, there is so much more to discover. Italian food is very divers, depending on the region. It’s well-known for its simplicity, because many famous Italian food items like pizza, pasta and risotto can be cooked outstandingly with no more than four ingredients. If you go beyond carbohydrate-heavy meals, fish and meat are very important foods that reflects traditional Italian cooking and deserve more recognition.




If you come here, I would recommend to try something else than pizza and pasta. There are some restaurants in Berlin that mastered their pizza game, so why not take a shot at the rest of the menu. If you’re a cheese fan, do yourself a favour and get the burrata. The creamy buttery inside will melt in your mouth and it’s a perfect match with the avocado and beetroot.




For main dish we had the steak with sunny side up eggs and let me tell you, that precious piece of meat was done perfectly medium rare. Every piece was a smooth bite and the consistency was tender and juicy. If you like fish, go ahead and order the grilled branzino with freshly cooked veggies. The grilled side of the fish was crispy and aromatic and the fish itself tasted soft, mild and delicate. For me, the meat and the fish were total winners.




Last but not least, we enjoyed profiteroles stuffed with pistachio ice cream and dripped with thick chocolate sauce. The pastry was flaky, the ice cream deliciously nut-flavoured and the chocolate sauce was almost pudding-like. Everything felt like an Italian summer evening in my mouth and I bathed in the high of this dainty dessert.




Although Cecconi’s is part of the Soho House, it’s accessible for everyone without a club membership. As expected, it is a little more pricy than the average Italian restaurant in Berlin, but if you want to treat yourself, this is the place to splurge on high quality and superb food. The interior is elegant without being too noisy, the service is helpful and the place invites to stay longer for another drink. All in all, it lines up in my personal favourite restaurant list for excellent Italian food.





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