Karolina & Larissa // Pastarium Berlin

Karolina & Larissa // Pastarium Berlin

When I first met Larissa (flannel shirt) and Karolina (black T), owners of Pastarium Berlin, I was totally impressed by their optimism, power, and positive attitude. Around two years ago they met during their studies in International Business Studies and both spent some time in Bangkok during that period. Sometimes things turn out differently and after graduation, both of them had a dream to open up a restaurant and they pulled it through. In just eight month, Larissa and Karolina managed to find a perfect place, a perfect team and a perfect apartment to call their own.

Let me introduce you to two superwoman with very down-to-earth talents, guilty pleasures and one glamorous childhood dream job.


1. What’s your favourite food in your restaurant?



2. What’s the best thing at your job?



3. What’s the most interesting country you’ve visited?



4. Who’s your role model?



5. What was your childhood dream job?



6. How would your friends describe you?



7. One thing you can’t live without?



8. Which talents are you proud of?



9. What is your guilty pleasure?


Thanks Larissa and Karolina for spending such a fun time with me and taking part in the Curtain Call series.
Be sure to check out the incredibly delicious homemade pasta and the antipasti! My favourite so far is the Tagliatelle Nere, swayed in amazing lobster sauce! There is nothing left for me to say than Bravo!

Love, Sissi.

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