Ulrike Marschner // häppies

Ulrike Marschner // häppies

I met Uli by chance when I stumbled into her lovely charming store one sunny autumn day. She’s the owner of the little steamed bun restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg called häppies and prior to that, she has worked in advertising and business administration. Before starting her own business and fulfilling her dream, she travelled Southeast Asia and India, which inspired her and her journey to start häppies in Berlin. Not only is Uli one of the kindest people I’ve met, she has also a lot of inspiring stories to tell and welcomes everyone with a warm open-minded smile.

Without further due, here are some topics we talked about.


1. What’s the best thing in your job?



2. What inspires you?



3. What do you like the most about your personality?



4. What’s your favourite food in your restaurant?



5. One thing you could eat until the rest of your life?



6. What is the first thing you do after waking up?



7. Which talent are you proud of?



8. Show me the strict and serious Uli!


Thanks Uli for sharing some of your stories with me and taking part in the Curtain Call series.
Be sure to check out häppies and her incredible delicious steamed buns, especially the one named after her grandma is super yummy! Enjoy the food, get a homemade rhubarb vanilla ice tea and be häppie 🙂

Love, Sissi.

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