Eating in Berlin – May Favourites

Eating in Berlin – May Favourites

Starting in May, I’m going to launch the blog post series “Monthly favourites”. It’s a miscellaneous compilation of what I ate in the last month and what foods I really liked. There might be new restaurants or also oldies but goodies. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration of interesting cuisines you haven’t tried yet or places you’ve maybe missed until now. Let’s start!

  • Miso Katsu Don at Makoto
    Breaded pork loin cutlet with miso-sauce on rice
    Makoto is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Berlin. Not only do they have a fun plastic display of their menu in a glass case when you enter the restaurant, the food is always bomb too. There aren’t that many places in Berlin to get Tonkatsu, which is one of my favourite Japanese dishes, and Makoto always satisfies my Tonkatsu cravings perfectly.



  • Cheese Bulgogi at WaWa
    Marinated grilled beef with mozzarella, bell pepper and onions
    Hidden in Schöneberg, WaWa is definitely on of the most underrated Korean places in Berlin. The coolest thing on their menu is the ridiculous tasty cheesy bulgogi. If you like is spicy, there is also Hot Cheese Bulgogi for your taste.



  • Cig Köfte at Adiyaman Cig Köftecisi
    Raw bulgur balls
    Cig Köfte are probably the most surprising food experiences I recently had. It’s made of raw bulgur, kneaded for one hour until the texture is smooth. Then different herbs and pastes are added to the mixture to make it ultra tasty. It’s raw, it’s vegan, it’s highly addictive dunked into pomegranate sauce.



  • Crepe at Mitho Cha
    Homemade crêpe with organic ice cream, chocolate sauce, almonds and cashews
    Mitho Cha not only offers dainty Tibetan/Nepalese food, but also great deserts. I didn’t expect that random crêpe to be that yummy, but I was taught better. I would go there again, even if I had only dessert.



  • Sardines sandwich at Öz Fishhouse
    Freshly grilled sardines with salad in a sandwich bun
    Living in Berlin makes it pretty hard to eat seafood or fish. Luckily there is Öz Fishhouse for that day, when you just want some no frills simple grilled sardines sandwich with tons of onions and tons of taste.



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