Fechtner Delikatessen

Fechtner Delikatessen



Berlin Mitte around Rosenthaler Platz has its uniqueness being somewhat inspiring and at the same time totally annoying. Especially when it comes to food, there are way better spots in town to get together for a good meal, without all the hustle, noise and chaos between these busy streets. Just some footsteps away from Sankt Oberholz you might find a new sanctuary for having a decent meal and watch all the buzz pass by.




New kid on the block Fechtner Delikatessen does the best to #fuelyourbody and #calmyoursoul. They show us, that salads neither have to be boring and bland nor complicated and burdened with diffuse ideas of health and diet. Not bullshit low carb, paleo or vegan, just delicious food. Tabea and Tobias only use fresh ingredients that are organic and in many cases regional grown. While the food is healthy, Fechtner also tries to be fast and appeal to the hungry masses during lunch break. Therefore, their fixed menu is straightforward and contains salads and sandwiches, that can also be ordered by individual preference. You’ll find daily special items, that are not on the menu, e.g. redfish in addition to salmon. If you want to arrange your own salad, in most cases two or three extra ingredients are enough to get fully satisfied, but if you are extra hungry you can get as much as you want.




The inside of the restaurant is quite minimalistic with the counter being at the back of the store. It looks like an art gallery and I promise you’ll find some super instagrammable salads and sandwiches with all the pretty colours. Whether it is the yummy orange of mango, the light red of slightly fried salmon or the varying tones of green produced by the different salads, it’s delicate for your taste buds and your eyes. Fun fact about this place: Tabea is bringing back the name Fechtner Delikatessen, which used to be a family-ran business in the 20ies in Berlin.




Where: Torstraße 114, 10119 Berlin

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