If you love steamed buns like me, you just found THE place that makes your bun dreams come true. Located near the Helmholtzplatz, there is a small restaurant called häppies that offers some mouth-watering variations of steamed buns with different fillings. Every häppie – that’s how one steamed bun is called – has an unique name with a personal story behind it, just ask Uli, the owner of this restaurant, and maybe she’ll reveal some of the background to you.

I almost manage to taste every häppie, but unfortunately I only have one stomach, so I had to skip the last häppie on the menu. I ordered four savoury buns and one sweet with these kind of fillings:

  • Chicken and Gorgonzola
  • Curry tofu
  • Goat cheese and honey walnut
  • Beef and fig
  • Plum jam

Usually I’m not a huge fan of goat cheese, but the combination with the steamed bun, the sauce and the cranberries was so harmonic. My favourite häppie is the one with chicken and gorgonzola, the cheese was intense, the bun was soft and the apricot rosemary sauce on the bun topped by some walnuts just rounded off the dish. On second place I have to go with the sweet one. Growing up in Vienna, the fluffy bun filled with plum jam, buried under some melted butter with poppy seeds on top of it, has grown dear to my heart. That’s definitely a dish that reminds me of living in Vienna and sharing some traditional Austrian food with my dearest.

I would highly recommend you to see this place for yourself, not only because of the food, but also to meet Uli and find out more about the story behind the häppie wall and the häppie names. Also, try the homemade rhubarb vanilla lemonade, super delicious! I’ll promise you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

Love, Sissi.

Where: Dunkerstrasse 85, 10437 Berlin






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