About me




Hey there, nice to meet you!
My name is Sissi and I am 27 years old.
I was born in China, I grew up in Vienna and I moved to Berlin in 2010.
Growing up in different cultures, moral believes and always being between many international people, food was always a welcoming ice breaker to start interesting conversations. This topic is really special to me, since eating food is so much more than to survive. For me, it reflects people’s personalities, memories and believes in so many ways.

The pornification of food takes away the relevance in sharing it with one another, instead of focusing only on the food. With my blog, I’m sharing my perspectives on food, on culture and the masterminds behind it. We tend to forget that behind every meal, there is someone who puts heart and sweat into it, to make people happy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a five-star restaurant or just the Asia noodle box around the corner. I’m a firm believer in not reviewing too many places I won’t be back to – why talk about bad stuff while you can talk about the yummy goodness you can easily find in Berlin? I will do my best to give you the warmest recommendations on DELICIOUS food in Berlin. Watch out for the Chinese restaurant reviews, that’s where I come from and where my heart stays.


Keep on eating.


Lots of love, Sissi

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