Huelva Food Guide

Huelva Food Guide

Welcome to my Huelva Food Guide!

All of my food travel guides are a mix of different cuisines and price ranges. You’ll find traditional local foods, signature dishes you shouldn’t miss and random great foods I was totally digging. Since there’s no way I can visit all the desired restaurants and cafés at every place, this guide isn’t complete by all means. Though, it will help you to start your own culinary discoveries and make sure that every meal at your stay is a pleasant one.



Local tapas restaurant with excellent honest home cooked food. Situated at the main plaza in Aracena, it offers a huge variety of regional dishes. We had some mushrooms from the area, artichokes and a huge tower of Iberico ham (left to right).

Adress: Plaza Marqués de Aracena, 22, 21200 Aracena, Huelva, Spain



Rufino is an exquisite traditional bakery, that was founded in 1875 in Aracena. They bake without any preservatives and use fresh ingredients on a daily basis. Try some of the egg yolk pastries, they are with no doubt excellent! This place is always packed, but it’s worth waiting in line.

Adress: Calle Constitución, 3, 21200 Aracena, Huelva, Spain



Arrieros is a Michelin recommended restaurant that serves modern local cuisine. I had a tasting menu with five courses including tomato soup, baked goat cheese and acorn flour cake for dessert. It’s more on the pricier side, but the owner and kitchen chef are both very passionate about the food and the service is great.

Adress: Calle de los Arrieros, 2, 21207 Linares de la Sierra, Huelva, Spain



Montecruz serves interesting tapas combinations by adding a twist to the traditional well-known ones. They also cure their own Iberico ham and offer hunting meats. If that’s not enough, Monterez also produces their own white wine, sounds like a winning package to me.

Adress: Calle San Pedro, 36, 21200 Aracena, Huelva, Spain


One of the most distinctive culinary marks for Spain is undoubtedly ham. But let me tell you, there is ham and there is 100% Iberico ham. If you want to taste the best Iberico ham, there is no other way than to visit the Huelva region, because that’s where the world best Iberico ham comes from. We visited pig farms and producers to really understand what makes the ham so special. You can read more on my Huelva Explore Guide about the climate, the feeding and the experience of ham curing.

To ease the decision where to go for that excellent Iberico ham, I have tested two locations that are curing the ham by themselves and offer a taste test to let you experience it by yourself.



Cinco Jotas only produces 100% Iberico ham, which is the best premium quality you can ever get, when it comes to Iberico ham. The pigs are acorn-fed and pure-breed, which are clear quality marks that are strictly controlled. The brand is one of the most respected and one of the oldest from 1879. You can get a tour in their production place and then a tasting of the glorious 100% Iberico ham with a glass of wine.

Adress: Huelva – Badajoz s/n, 21290 Jabugo, Huelva, Spain

Website: Cinco Jotas



At the second place you can not only get a taste of the ham, the owners will go with you to the fields and explain the holistic process of the product. You can see the pigs and experience how the ham is cured by the family owned business itself since around 200 years. Eiriz cures different variations of Iberico ham, so you can challenge your inner ham expert and taste the quality difference.


Website: Jamones Eiriz




I was invited to Huelva within a trip organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva and with the technical assistance of Somos Destino Rural with no strings attached.
All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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