Waroeng Mie CS – Indonesian Streetfood in Berlin (closed now)

Waroeng Mie CS – Indonesian Streetfood in Berlin (closed now)

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It’s interesting that many Asian dishes have been somehow established in Berlin, at least up to that level, that people know what is disguised behind names like pho, pad thai, bibimbap or ramen and where to get some. Surprisingly we don’t know so much about Indonesian food or where to go for Indonesian food in Berlin. Happily I found Waroeng Mie CS, a tasty Indonesian eatery that should be introduced here properly.

The Indonesian word “waroeng” refers to a small shop, local diner or café, that you could find on almost every corner of the street. Indonesian food is very difficult to describe: try so sum up the cuisine of more than 6000 populated islands, the taste of more than 300 ethnic groups and the big influence by the Chinese and Dutch. I was more than happy to realise that Waroeng Mie focus on noodles, which one could imagine when knowing the word “mie” means noodles in Indonesian. Apart from tasty noodle dishes, there are also some signature Indonesian starters you can choose from.


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For starters we had some fish balls and char siu, both very common items in Asian cuisine. Fish balls are the Asian version of meatballs and are eaten often as a starter, in hot pot or as one ingredient in main dishes. The fish is not grounded like minced meat, it’s pounded, giving it a smooth texture due to the tangled protein strands in the fish. The second starter we ordered is char siu, which is a hugely popular bbq roasted pork, originated in Hong Kong. Since there are many Chinese Indonesian people living on the islands, the influence on the food is super evident. I’m sure you know the “national” dish of Indonesia called nasi goreng, but did you know that it’s an alteration of the Chinese fried rice by adding different spices? Both starters were amazing and I’d definitely recommend them since they belong to those food items you have to taste at least once it you haven’t had yet.


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Moving on to our main dish, we had one called “Mie Babi” and the other one called “Mie CS”, both were hugely filled noodle bowls. Noodles are one of the most important staple foods in Indonesia and there are probably only a few things, that you wouldn’t eat with noodles or at least rice. The “Mie Babi” consisted of chicken noodles with chopped chicken, char siu, crispy pork belly, half a soy egg and some fried/cooked wontons. The “Mie CS” bowl was filled with almost the same items, added by more veggies, minced meat and everything served on some crispy fried wonton pastry. Usually pork is hardly eaten in Indonesian restaurants, because most Indonesians are Muslims, but you can have some here, since the owner of the place doesn’t have Muslim believes.

The food was absolutely fantastic! I had homemade noodles, that were cooked with the perfect consistency and served divinely as a base for everything on the top. It was such a gustatory adventure combining all the things and experience the different taste and consistency of paired items. The crunchyness of the crispy wonton pastry, the fried flavour of the pork belly, the neutralising pak choi and the dense fish balls, each ingredient felt like something new in my mouth. The savoury base goes so well together with the sweet bbq taste of the char siu , every bite was just really a big food party on its own.


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If you want to make yourself a bit more familiar with Indonesian cuisine, I’d say check out Waroeng Mie CS. It’s a good starting point to get an idea of the island’s taste and you’ll be very delighted with amazing homemade Indonesian food. Feel free to talk to the owner Cherry, who will tell you more about his background and how he learned cooking so fantastically.

Stay hungry.


Where: Steglitzer Damm 72, 12169 Berlin


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