If I should describe the ingredients used at this amazing little backyardy place, I’d definitely start with love, memories and passion. Kanaan is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant with a very special concept, originated in a collaboration between a Palestinian and an Israeli Jew, who put together different culinary experiences of the taste from the Middle East and the Israeli Palestinian region. The food stands out through its tradition, simplicity and complexity by combining original ingredients with fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. Inspired by childhood memories and Levantine influences, Kanaan offers a unique range of classic hummus and pita, comforting bowl of shakshuka, fresh salads and even malabi, a popular milk-based pudding perfumed with rose water. Believe me, there is even more delicious food on the menu, everything prepared individually and in front of your eyes.


Warm hummus, Shakshuka, Siniya (roasted cauliflower)

My favourite item with no doubt is a soft pita bread stuffed with a lot of flavours and textures! There is the mushiness from the sweet potato, the sweetness from the fig honey as dressing, the crunchyness of the walnuts and the freshness of the locally grown vegetables. Sounds like the pinnacle of a tasty adventure? Well, it just simply is.

There is one thing special thing I haven’t told you yet and that’s how to eat all the tapas-style food. Similar to how I grew up eating Chinese food by choosing your individual menu from the middle of the table, the dishes at Kanaan are meant to be combined and shared in a similar way. Grab a piece of the potato pancake and dip it into the warm creamy hummus. Or take your pita bread, drizzle it with the fruity tomato sauce from your shakshuka bowl and stuff some roasted mashed cauliflower on top of it. The flavours and texture are endless, when you get used to wildly combine all items and not stick to one plate or one bowl!


pita bread with sweet potato, salad with fig honey as dressing, freshly chopped wal nuts
potato pancake with red and green tahini

Currently Kanaan operates at two different locations, both opposite of each other. At Kopenhagener Strasse 16 in Prenzlauer Berg, there is Kohlenquelle, a German restaurant, that kindly supports Kanaan by offering tasty tapas-style mezze on weekends. During the week, Kanaan is situated just opposite and offers express-style Middle eastern food, served in a soft pita bread, flavoured with different traditional ingeredients and spices. Don’t be puzzled by the express location, it’s kind of hidden in an old cabin-style shack, with a front garden.


Kanaan Express

Tasting all the exceptional flavours at Kanaan, I was able to discover a piece of history, memory and tradition, that came along with the food. Kanaan didn’t overstate their promise to serve the best hummus in town. Trust me. I would know. I’ve been there. Thanks for the amazing experience, I’ll came back very very soon.


Keep on eating, Sissi



Where: Kopenhagener Strasse 16, 10437 Berlin





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