Louis Pretty

Louis Pretty

There is finally a Jewish-American diner, that not only impresses with their menu, but also with the interior. Like it or not, the popping colours at the location immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to discover more. Put together some eye-catching pieces in pink, swimming-pool-blue desks and add some customized walnut chairs, you’ll have the perfect Palm Springs vibe in the middle of Berlin.




Moving on to the food, there are three items on the menu that you really shouldn’t miss. Louis Pretty is named after a member of the Jewish New York Mafia Kosher Nostra and there is no Jewish-American traditional cuisine without pastrami. Second on the list is the pulled pork sandwich, followed by the vegetarian version with king oyster mushrooms and guacamole.


IMG_3642 Kopie


Mastering delicious pastrami requires time and skills, that is well-invested at Louis Pretty. Curing, smoking, cooking and marinating the meat takes up to four weeks to make it this fork-tender and juicy. Put it between some rye bread, pickled gherkins, cole slaw and mustard, it’s one of the finest Jewish delicacies you’ll find in town.




If you’re not into pastrami (shocking!), there is smooth pulled pork waiting for you. Normally pork wouldn’t be considered as kosher, but fortunately Louis Pretty isn’t cooking strictly according to Jewish religious dietary laws. The pulled pork sandwich is a killer package: soft meat, juicy without greasy taste and the bbq sauce holds it perfectly together. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of mayo coleslaw, but it adds a crispy and creamy texture to the bite.




If you’re vegetarian, don’t worry, this place serves one of the best vegetarian sandwiches I’ve ever had. The star of the sandwich are the king oyster mushrooms, sautéed to perfection. Add some rocket, loads of guacamole and pickled onions and the sandwich tastes like heaven. It’s fully satisfying due to the dense texture of the mushrooms and the seasoning, I’d fully recommend it, even if you’re a meat eater.




There is no great meal without dessert and we’ve been wowed by some brownies with caramel sauce and salt crystals! The gooey goddess was the cherry on top of the icing, the experience wouldn’t have been complete without having this chocolaty piece of heaven at the end.

The location has a lot of character and the clear menu with some American-Jewish classics is outstanding. I had almost every item you can get and all of them were gustatorily fantastic. If you’re fan of filter coffee, here’s the place to get free refill.

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