Muse Brunch

Muse Brunch



It seems that finding a good brunch spot in Berlin has become a hunt for rare secret location that isn’t overcrowded by hundreds of people with the same Sunday ambitions. I didn’t knew how lucky I was locating Muse in Prenzlauer Berg as a new brunch restaurant discovery. So Sunday has come and there we found ourselves sitting a outside of the café and sipping on some freshly pressed super green juice.




The menu has everything one can dream of: eggs benedict, waffles with bacon, full english brekkie and the list continues along with breakfast burgers and avocado on toast. We were hungry and ready to treat ourselves with a huge delicious meal full of neverending sweet and savory options. There was a new item on the list, that immediately caught my eye: scotch eggs in two variation. The classic one that is properly deep fried with the sausage egg and bread crumbs and the “Asian” version inside a steamed bun. Straight up the best thing on the brunch table this time.





Not only was I honestly surprised by the luscious sausage meat and the perfectly boiled egg in the steamed bun, it was also the first time I had waffles that didn’t got soggy or hard or just unenjoyable though I took my time to take pictures. Every single bite felt like freshly out of the waffle maker, not necessarily hot, but crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Plus the thick cut bacon, butter and maple syrup, I didn’t miss anything. We went down gluttony road and also got the full English breakfast and a avocado toast on the side. The sausages, mushrooms and bacon came sizzling in a hot pan, the beans separatly in a small bowl so the rest wouldn’t get soggy. And yes, avocado on toast, because avocado.





If I would be the English vocabulary police, I’d definitely add Muse as a synonym for cozy. It’s everything you want on a Sunday, great vibes, dainty food and there is even a singer who plays lovely live music to make your stay even more pleasant. No stressful waiting in lines, no cool superfoods that sounds like a new designer bag at the fashion week and the service is honestly kind and attentive. Watch out Muse, you’ll see me around more often.

Where: Restaurant Muse, Immanuelkirchstraße 31, 10405 Berlin
When: Sunday, 11am  – 5pm




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