NUPort Asian hotdogs

NUPort Asian hotdogs


I wanted to check out this place since it opened in August this year, because apparently hotdogs are making a come back and this one offers not only regular hotdogs, they have Asian hotdogs. This new joint popped up in Mitte offers plenty vegan-friendly lunch options and snacks, but we’re heading for the Asian hotdogs. They had four variations to choose from:

  • Panda Punch: fruity taste with some chutney-like mango, basil and cilantro blend
  • Ready for Shaolin: green curry, coconut, eggplant, rice, lime and aioli
  • Magic Lizard: sweet sauer taste with tomatoes, lemongrass, scallions and topinambur flakes
  • Tai Chi Man: okonomiaki sauce, white cabbage, yolk mayonnaise, scallions and dashi

We went for Panda Punch and Ready for Shaolin. The sausage was good, the bread was okay too, but the toppings were not my cup of tea. Panda Punch tasted better than Ready for Shaolin, since the pickled fruity blend gave the hotdog some flavor, but the green curry one with crunchy rice crisps on top was a bit disappointing. The curry was cold (maybe I was unlucky?) and tasted like straight out of the freezer. Overall not very impressed, since you’re actually surrounded by Transit, Yumcha Heroes and Daluma for great food.




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