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Pastarium Berlin



I don’t know what it is, but I am super sensitive when it comes to eating pasta. I guess cooking Italian noodles doesn’t seem to be that difficult to most of the people, I’d assume it wouldn’t make that huge difference whether I prepare some at home or go out for an overpriced plate of mediocre noodles soaked in cream. Nonetheless, I gave Pastarium Berlin a chance to prove me wrong and to cut it short, they did.

Pastarium Berlin is an Italian restaurant not far away from the busy Bergmannstraße in a more quiet and chilled area. Everything is made by themselves in a pasta manufacture in Neukölln and delivered everyday freshly to their restaurant in Kreuzberg. The owners of the place and their team create new dishes every week additionally to their standard menu, including seasonal highlights and special ingredients. I ordered Tagliatelle Nere, tossed in lobster sauce and shrimps, and I was blown away by the combination, the texture and the taste. Not only was the sauce amazingly unique, the pasta tasted delicious by its own.

If you’re looking for some damn fine Italian pasta, not soaked in heavy cream, with the right texture and a perfect blend of different ingredients, go there and treat yourself! The cooks are all Italian and they spread their magic when preparing the dish. If you want some recommendation, I’d get some buffalo mozzarella, the Tagliatelle Nere and the Pappardelle di Zucca.

Love, Sissi

Where: Willibald-Alexis-Straße 27 // 10965 Berlin Kreuzberg










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