Quà Phê

Quà Phê

This post is written in cooperation with MasterCard and is part of the current issue of Sister Mag.
All pictures were taken by the amazing Jules from Herz und Blut.

Winter has arrived in Berlin and there is no quick escape to a warm paradise. Stormy winds, lashing rain and darkness before you even get up on the weekend makes any kind of comfortable cozy space much more appreciated. Right down at Alte Schönhauser Allee is such a place, located a bit hidden on one side of the Schendelpark. Come in and sit down, leave the freezing cold outside behind those big window doors.

If this is your first time and you’re not sure on what kind of food and drinks you should commit to – no worries – I got ya. Among all of the yummy stuff on the menu, you should start with the Phở Cuốn. It’s kind of a creative dry version of the famous Vietnamese beef noodle soup you probably know as Phở.  Basically it’s tender steamed rice paper sheet placed with marinated beef, coriander, coleslaw and Vietnamese BBQ sauce. Wrapped into neat rolls, it looks similarly to the technique of a Vietnamese spring roll.

Another favorite of mine is the Bánh Bao, which are steamed yeast buns filled with either veggies, tofu, braised pork or sausage, make your own choice. The fluffy dough is super typical in Asian cuisine and always reminds me of some of my childhood dishes I used to eat on a daily basis.

There is one item you must not miss at Quà Phê: Vietnamese coffee. Dark roast, dripping slowly on sweet condensed milk through a stainless steel filter is what coffee lover’s dreams are made of. If you’re warmed up a little bit, the ice cold version is as amazing as the freshly brewed warm one. Suddenly, exotic and warm Vietnam doesn’t feel that far away anymore.


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