Streetfood at Berlinale 2016

Streetfood at Berlinale 2016

It won’t be long until everyone will be talking about the Berlin International Film Festival, also known as Berlinale. This year it will take place from 11th Feb. – 21st Feb. and like every other great event, it wouldn’t be perfect without amazing food. Again in 2016, 5 selected food trucks will represent Streetfood Thursday and Markthalle 9 on this very special occasion. Teaming up with Slow Food Berlin, each of the food trucks fulfills many criteria of food standards and ethics. Above all, food quality and cultural richness are immensely important to the organisers, which should give everyone the opportunity to talk about it and start conversation. Heritage, ingredients, sustainability and more are always reflected in the food and the people, feel free to approach them and learn more about where they come from.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the Street Food crew that will make everyone’s belly very happy beside the glamorous red carpet:



First up is a collaboration between two great projects: Über den Tellerrand and the one and only Roberto Petza. It’s an honor to introduce these people and their teams, their messages and their values.

Über den Tellerrand is a collective of Syrian refugees and local people stationed in Berlin. Their mission is to promote cross-cultural exchange, establish long-lasting relationships and create a feeling of community and being together. By organising cooking events and bringing people of different background together, Über den Tellerrand’s actions are exactly how I imagine the relevance of food. Food is not only to make people full, but also to build bridges and creating understanding, tolerance and friendships and diversity throughout different countries and cultures.

The other partner of this project is Roberto Petza, a renowned Italian Michelin star chef from Sardinia, whos mission is to spread food and culture. Combining Roberto’s knowledge with Über den Tellerrand, they will enrich Berlin with delicacies mixing mediterranean influences and dishes rooted in Syrian and Middle eastern tradition.





Since 2012, Big Stuff Smoked BBQ is an establishment that always keep their high quality and deliciousness, whenever I come to the Markthalle 9. They serve hot smoked meat that is just so soft and tender, you almost don’t have to chew it. Pulled pork, pork belly, beef brisket and short ribs, have it just as they’re prepared with some delicious side dishes or in a crispy sandwich between some smoky BBQ sauce and pickled veggies.

The two masterminds behind the concept are Anna Lai and Tobias Bürger, who focus on quality and the way of cooking it. The meat comes only from German producers and the rest of their products are supplied almost exclusively local, a great way to support small businesses in the Berlin region.

IMG_2950 Kopie



Heisser Hobel is named after the grater used to form the traditional cheesy and creamy goodness that is called Spätzle. 99% sure, you’ve probably have heard about this aromatic food truck or even already had some of this type of German mac and cheese. Owner Florian Rohmoser brought this hot delicacy all the way from Allgäu in Swabia to Berlin, not only carrying all the cheese, but also carrying on the family tradition.
Look out for his light blue classic 1950s food truck, it is the only truck that has been present in every edition of the festival’s Street Food market initiative. Topped with fried onions, pepper and some fresh green onions, this handful portion of sticky cheesy dough is the perfect snack pre- and post-movie!





Aparna Aurora inspired by her Indian heritage and travels, decided to settle down in Berlin and I’m very pleased about her decision. It’s no great secret that Berlin is sadly lacking delicate Indian food, that is not necessarily something cooked up and then drowned in heavy cream.

Since 2013, people can find some healthy South Indian dishes, either at the restaurant Chunify in Prenzaluer Berg or at Streetfood Markets, with loads of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. Aparna Aurora  prepares some well-known Indian classics such as dosa, curry and rice dishes, but with a modern twist by combining various tasty fillings that might not be in a traditional recipe.

IMG_2961 Kopie



Berlin has a lot to offer when it comes to great coffee, but not all coffee shops has the courage to strive for more greatness, knowledge and taste. Cafe 9 is definitely a gem of a coffee shop next to Markthalle 9, where they serve wonderfully prepared original blends and invite customers to a taste test of various creations by their skilful baristas.

Philipp Reichel, who runs Cafe 9, is all about new ideas and innovative concepts such as the Berlin Coffee Festival 2015, which he organised with the team from the Markthalle 9. Great coffee not only is a question of where it comes from and how the beans are prepared, it’s also about building networks with different roasters and professionals in the coffee scenery to guarantee excellent and fair food.

Philipp and his team will definitely make sure you get your cup of aromatic signature coffee on the red carpet, whether you need to get up early to catch your favourite movie or you need a little tasty energy boost to see the last movie of the day during the Berlinale.


See you there and keep on eating.


Where: Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse / Ecke Alte Potsdamer Straße

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm; breakfast starts at 8am

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