Thai Park in Berlin

Thai Park in Berlin


If I can marry a street food place in Berlin, that would be it. Seriously, the food, the drinks, the people and the place are just perfect on a nice (summer) day. Everything I ordered was freshly prepared and every bite felt like an adventure of taste! My favourite was definitely the beef noodle soup, the meat was perfectly marinated and it was probably the best Vietnamese beef noodle soup I had in Berlin.


If you are visiting the place for the first time, you probably will feel overwhelmed by the amount of different food. Be brave and try something new! Don’t order the usual fried spring rolls and fried rice, I promise, there is so much more other stuff you would love once you give it a try! Order some papaya salad, noodle soup and omelette with delicious stuffing, these are safe choices that everybody loves. Oh and the chicken wings, they are delicious. Take your time to discover the food stalls and don’t forget to bring a blanket!

Things I would recommend:

  • sticky rice and mango
  • savory sticky rice in bamboo leaf
  • rice sheet rolls
  • fried chicken
  • papaya salad (not spicy, believe it’s really spicy if you want spicy)
  • fried dumplings
  • beef noodle soup
  • mango lassi
  • pad thai


It’s the most authentic and fantastic Thai food you can find in Berlin! There is no entry, it’s open air, it’s affordable and there’s all the buzz that you remember from the last Asia trip. You get great value for money and you can share all the food with your loved ones and friends.


Usually it’s open on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer, there is no real opening time.
It starts around 12am and ends around 8pm.

Price: from 2€ – 12€
Fehrbelliner Platz, 10707 Berlin Wilmersdorf




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