Travel Berlin: Great coffee with free wifi

Travel Berlin: Great coffee with free wifi

When travelling to a new city, one of my favourite things to do is to sip on a cup of aromatic hot drink, take in the neighbourhood and watch all the people swarming around. Whether it’s for breakfast, a short break or to shelter from the cold, here are some beautiful options when you are visiting Berlin. The focus is on the districts Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg, otherwise the list would be endless. Let me take you to the places I’d love you to see. Hopefully those spots invite you to linger in, chill with some magazines and smell some freshly roasted coffee beans.





A bit tucked away from the touristy streets, you’ll find this stylish coffee shop called Oslo Kaffeebar. The coffee menu is based on the ratio of espresso and milk and they have some of the best cappuccino and latte you can get in Berlin. The taste is so rich and creamy, the barista are super kind and the atmosphere is very chilled.


Where: Eichendorffstraße 13, 10115 Berlin



Just some steps away from Checkpoint Charlie, this place serves some stunningly prepared third wave coffee. The interior is quite artsy, there is plenty of natural daylight coming through the big window and you’ll find loads of designy magazines laying around to browse through.


Where: Friedrichstraße 215, 10969 Berlin



Everything at Refinery is just beautiful designed, from the furnishing to the tea cups, it’s a huge pleasure to the eye. It’s located near Friedrichstrasse, which is a fantastic alternative to the overcrowded and expensive touristy places at this main travelling area. If you order some tea, feel free to ask for another hot water refill!


Where: Albrechtstraße 11B, 10117 Berlin





Supreme coffee and delicious homemade pastries make Nothaft Seidel a must-visit on a Berlin trip. Compared to the spots in Berlin Mitte, this café feels more like a vintage living room with some artworks hanging on the walls. Even Buzzfeed says it looks too good to be true.


Where: Schönhauser Allee 43A, 10435 Berlin



Don’t worry about the name, this place is anything but sad and depressing! Suicide Sue is a perfect hangout for coffee and even more for breakfast and brunch! Everything they serve is presented super lovely, a lot of vegan/vegetarian requests can be satisfied and you can mix and match different spreads on tasty bread.


Where: Dunckerstraße 2, 10437 Berlin





Hallsches Haus is a perfect place to chill, eat and shop. Beside the café is a concept store with beautiful contemporary design objects you can treat yourself with as a nice gift or even souvenir. The restaurant/café space feels very inviting and the architecture makes this place very light though it’s a bit hidden in the backyard.


Where: Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin



If you have a sweet tooth, Fräulein Wild is the number 1 place to go in Berlin! The cake menu is always changing, but if you have the chance to get your hands on some cheesecake, trust me you want a piece. Also watch out for the peanut butter raspberry chocolate cake!


Where: Dresdener Str. 13, 10999 Berlin


I purposely only included cafés in the list that truly offers free wifi, though there are also a lot of other beautiful spots in Berlin that serves amazing drinks and snacks. Personally, I need internet access when travelling, because in this way I can flexibly plan wherever I want to go. To avoid exorbitant internet-access bills abroad, I’ve tried several travel apps that offers an offline guide and let me quickly introduce to one of the most valuable for me. It’s a free travel app called Stay, where you can find the best places in town recommended by locals and download the detailed city map with all the locations you’ve saved. In this way, even if you’re thrown off the track without wifi, you can still have a slight idea where you might be. You can also find the cafés I mentioned above in the app, in case you want to save them on the offline map for your next Berlin trip.


Stay tuned, stay hungry.

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