Upper Burger Grill

Upper Burger Grill



Strolling around Kurfürstendamm and fancy a burger that’s not served in one of those boring burger chains? Just some steps away from the main road, there is this fancy looking burger spot Upper Burger Grill opened in March 2016. The interior is quite spacy and combines moderns looks and bright woods with darker and more industrial aspects as black boards and brick stones. They feature an open kitchen so you can see the different ingredients turn into your burger. On the left hand of the kitchen counter stands a fridge where you can see all the huge chunks of meat stored, that are still on the bone and definitely not store-bought or frozen.




Burger of my choice was Dirty Harry, which promised to be a classic and flamy BBQ burger, that comes, like all burgers at Upper Burger Grill, with 100% Black Angus US beef, homemade BBQ sauce, cheese, tomatoes, pickles, onions, salad and crispy bacon. It easily fulfilled its promised and proved to be a good choice having a great taste and the right amount and mixture of sauce and bacon, that makes the burger crunchy and smooth at the same time. Other burger variations on the menu include nearly all the popular candidates that sound quite familiar: chili, salmon, chicken and Gorgonzola. In addition, you can also find new creations like an oriental burger with hummus and falafel, a burger with pulled turkey and a skinny burger, that makes all those low carb people happy. All of them are great additions to our favorite kind of food between two slices of bread.





Meat lover will find not only chunky patties, but also premium lovely marbled steaks provided by Germany meat suppliers, with a focus on local and regional farms and slaughterhouses. Steaks vary a lot in shape and size and they are sold by weight. My favorite food companion got a 250gr Rib-Eye steak that was served with a lot of fresh herbs, herb butter and some beautifully grilled tomatoes. The meat was truly grilled medium with a crisp outside and soft, pink-colored meat at the center, melting on the tongue.




There was no more space in our tummies to test the different kinds of ribs, but they looked promising. They say you got to save something to come back to, right? Instead we tried some of the amazing side dishes that came in crazy large portions. Not only can you get fries and sweet potato fries with chili con carne, but also mashed potatoes with cheese and truffle or wasabi. We got the truffle mash potatoes and fries, definitely can recommend both.


Where: Upper Burger Grill, Rankestraße 3, 10789 Berlin

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