Vadoli Pizza

Vadoli Pizza



By now, everybody in Berlin probably knows Kantstrasse for its glorious variety on Chinese food. Luckily a new kid moved into the neighbourhood and it’s very far away from Chinese taste, let alone Asian cuisine. Western Berlin has finally a trusted spot for tasty (Neapolitan) pizza, that strikes with creative delicious toppings. In addition to the store experience, Vadoli is delivering its premium pizza in an innovative bag with a build-in induction cooker, so the pizza arrives as fresh as out of the oven in 22 minutes.




Moving on to the pizza, the ingredients are thoroughly chosen. All recipes has been created in teamwork with some of the best international pizza chefs. For the Neapolitan pizza, the dough is prepared at least 72 hours before then, so it can rest and develop the glutenous structure it needs for Neapolitan pizza. La Torrente tomato sauce adds the fruity aroma from crushed tomatoes and provides the best possible base for a red pizza. Every pizza is going into a rotating stone oven for 120 seconds, that prevents the pizza crust from being burned from one side.




If you’ve never heard about white pizza, it’s time to introduce you pizza without tomato sauce. Commonly the tomato sauce is replaced by any kind of soft cheese like mozzarella or ricotta. I was intrigued to get a bite of these two unique versions of white pizza: White trout, white pepper, white cabbage topped with balsamic cream and jerky beef with Fior di Latte Mozzarella, ricotta cheese, extra vergine olive oil, fresh basil and pistachio.




Neapolitan style pizza is available in so many variations, though the basic recipe is always similar. If you’ve been to Zola or Standard, Vadoli is the third place to make up your mind about the dough and the tomato sauce. If you live near Kantstrasse, I’d say try the delivery service and say goodbye to soggy, hard and cold pizza.

Where: Kantstrasse 55, 10627 Berlin

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